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Archive for March, 2012

Is It Best To Shoot With Both Eyes Open?

The answer is yes – but only if you can do so successfully. Some shooters cannot decide if they should close one eye or try shooting with both eyes open. So they keep trying it both ways – never... Read more

Buying a new shotgun?

I’m fortunate in knowing one of the most knowledgeable and experienced gun advisors along the Colorado Front Range. He works with hundreds of people each year helping them with their gun... Read more

More about beginning instruction for kids

Kids all have different maturation rates, however, most are ready for scale-down easy going shooting instruction around the age of ten or eleven. We at COLORADO FIELD AND CLAY provide small shotguns... Read more

A “Shot Card”

Nobody has a real good name for the 3 X 5 card we carry in our shooting bags so we simply call it a Shot Card. The shot card contains short words or phrases you have jotted down -reminding you of... Read more

Lead card for skeet

Nothing more than a 3 X 5 card newer skeet shooters carry in there shirt pockets to remind them of the perceived lead necessary to break the skeet targets from each of the nine shooting stations. And... Read more

Basic shooting skills leading to technique

A successful/working shooting technique is built on many individual skills. These skills when blended smoothly together produce a shooting technique which can be applied to each of the shotgun... Read more

Shooting glasses

All shooting ranges require eye (and ear) protection and common sense dictates it. While practically any form of eye protection will meet the requirements of the shooting range some are more... Read more

Shotgun action types and their relative costs

Break open action, single shot, exposed hammer, light weight. Shotguns of this general description are often considered entry-level guns and are quite often found in the hands of young and beginning... Read more

Beginner instruction for kids

New and beginning shotgunners are greatly helped by choosing an experienced shotgun instructor to help them. Trap shooting , skeet shooting, sporting clays, and bird hunting can all be made easier by... Read more

What shotgun shells should be purchased for target practice?

It can be confusing for new shooters but here are a few thoughts: Shooting parks allow only three shot sizes – 71/2 , 8s, or 9s. Inexpensive shells for practice sessions are... Read more


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