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Basic shooting skills leading to technique

Posted on March 13, 2012 by admin Posted in Old Coach’s Corner

A successful/working shooting technique is built on many individual skills.

These skills when blended smoothly together produce a shooting technique which can be applied to each of the shotgun sports.

These are the basic skills we teach at the Colorado Field and Clay Shooting School:

1. Gun safety

2. Foot position

3. Stance

4. Balance

5. Posture

6. Get-ready position

7. Gun mount

8. Hand and arm position

9. Head on gun stock

10. Ocular dominance

11. Eye fixation point

12. Use of eyes

13. Gun holding point

14. Call

15. Timing

16. Gun movement

17. Lead techniques

18. Break point

19. Follow through

20. Gun dismount

21. Gun fit