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Old Coach’s Corner

Master Eye

Master Eye, Ocular Dominance, Cross Dominance: all are terms used to describe a visual component of shotgunning. Suggestions as to how a shotgunner should use his eyes to his best advantage seem to... Read more

Patterning Shotguns

Patterning shotguns, their loads and determining Point of Impact is important for shooters who are strongly interested in improving their shooting performance. As with rifle barrels, each shotgun... Read more

Gun Fit

Gun Fit It's generally agreed that a shotgun that "fits" the shooter is more effective and more comfortable to shoot. Having said that many of us simply adapt to the gun we have and learn... Read more

Shotgun Sights

Many of today's shotguns can be fitted with sights. There are many types and configurations but almost all are designed to enable the shooter to precisely aim the shotgun- much like a... Read more

Instructor Class June 2016

Instructor Class June 2016 Denver Area Any shotgunner with some experience and a desire to teach others may enroll in the NSSA sponsored two-day class. NSSA membership is not... Read more


Here’s a game for really good shotgunners. It’s played from the Skeet pads and utilizes most of the basic Skeet regimen but the targets are thrown from the Wobble Trap. The squad moves around... Read more

Winchester Model 12 12 bore Reconditioned

The Old Coach reconditions Model 12 Winchesters. This is a recent reconditioned one 1949, 30″ full choke barrel, 14.5″ LOP Hand rubbed oil finish, Original butt pad. All parts original and... Read more

Shotgun Chokes – a primer for beginning shotgunners.

Shotgun Chokes – a primer for beginning shotgunners. CHOKE is a term used to describe a narrowing of the inner diameter of the barrel in its last 2 – 3 inches (just short of the... Read more

Sporting Clays

This newest and most popular shotgun game arrived in the U.S. from England in the mid-80s. Originally a game designed to mimic field shooting, it has developed into a full-fledged individual shotgun... Read more

Skeet Practice Regimen

Skeet Practice Regimen As published in the National Skeet Shooting Association’s Skeet Shooting Review and included with permission, in Dr. King Heiple’s book Mastering Skeet. Developed by... Read more


The Old Coach's Corner is an interactive part of the website where you can ask questions and receive answers (privately of course) from a well-trained and experienced instructor. It is not a chat room. Questions, answers, and comments will not appear on the site. The Old Coach is Bob Englund.

Bob Englund, PhD
NSSA Level III Instructor
Chief Instructor for the Western United States ( Zone 7)