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Gun Fit

Posted on August 31, 2015 by admin Posted in Old Coach’s Corner

Gun Fit

It’s generally agreed that a shotgun that “fits” the shooter is more effective and more comfortable to shoot. Having said that many of us simply adapt to the gun we have and learn to shoot it as best we can. Usually without any modification whatsoever.

Our first small step toward fitting the gun to our face and frame is usually the addition of a new and modern recoil pad.  If this brings the stock to the appropriate length and dampens recoil a bit this modification can be very helpful.  And it’s inexpensive.

If you have a Beretta, the shims and pads that accompany the gun can be utilized to help adjust stock fit. (Read the instructions).

The Certified Instructors at the Colorado Field and Clay Shooting School are trained and vey knowledgeable about gun fit and can often make temporary adjustments to the stock during the shooting lesson.  Afterward we will refer you to a competent and proven professional for fine tuning the gun to fit your face and frame. Gun fit is often gender specific and it is not a time consuming process nor is it terribly expensive however its rewards will be self-evident.