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Improved Shooting Performance — That's Our Goal & Our Promise


Robert Englund

Bob is semi-retired after 25 years and over 2000 shotgunning students. However, he will still coach an occasional upland birdhunter in wing-shooting techniques, equipment,gun fit, eye problems, etc.

His training sessions can be 2-4 hours and are designed for one or two shooters.  (250-$350)

Trained at the NSSA’s National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, Bob is a Level lll NSSA Certified Instructor.

Inquiries are welcomed.

Best way for initial contact is by email. 


Dee Strbiak

Dee is the best female shooting instructor in the Rocky Mountain Area. 

Her mother and father were active in the shooting sports and she has carried that family tradition onward. 

Displaying an early affinity for pistol shooting and shotgunning, she has been widely trained in both the NSSA and the NSCA Instructor Schools as well as the NRA.

She is personable and well liked.  Her 10 years as a shooting instructor have produced many excellent shooters with solid foundational skills.

Dee’s training lessons are about two hours long.

Reservations are necessary as she is primarily occupied with her career in psychology and college teaching.

She welcomes inquires and can be reached on her cell phone or by email.  

(303) 279-8081


Michael Englund

Mike’s calm and deliberate manner, combined with many years of training and purposeful practice, have thus far resulted in his two Colorado State Skeet Championships and numerous other tournament wins.

These same elements, and two decades of teaching experience, have also made him one of the country’s elite shotgun instructors.

A graduate of the 1999 NSSA’s Instructor School, he has a wide following of shotgunners at all performance levels.

Beginning and Intermediate shooters fill most of his lessons, along with wing-shooters from our large pheasant and grouse-hunting population.

 Mike’s 2-hour lessons are scheduled on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Contact is best by cell phone.

(720) 771-7826


Dustin Englund

Dustin Englund is a NSSA Certified Instructor.
Having completed the demanding training course for Instructors he joins his father and grandfather in their time-honored avocations of shotgunning and professional instruction.
Introduced to shotgunning at the age of 8 he shoots Skeet, Trap, and Sporting Clays.
In the fall he hunts upland birds, waterfowl and big game with his family.

Dustin is a 5th generation Coloradan.

(303) 596-6099