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More about beginning instruction for kids

Posted on March 16, 2012 by admin Posted in Old Coach’s Corner

Kids all have different maturation rates, however, most are ready for scale-down easy going shooting instruction around the age of ten or eleven. We at COLORADO FIELD AND CLAY provide small shotguns (single shot 28 gauge) for our young shooters to help them get the most from their first formal shooting experience.

These easy-to-load light guns are probably the safest beginner guns to be found. We had them made up specifically for this purpose. They will fit all young shooters and will produce practically no felt recoil.

Kids receive a slow-paced basic lesson geared to their individual interest/motivation, attention span, and physical ability.

While instructional sessions are usually two hours in length some very young shooters may become fatigued earlier on, suggesting that the lesson be concluded sooner than anticipated.

At the end of the lesson your young shooter will be on his/her way to safe gun handling and good shooting.

~ Safety is a shared responsibility ~