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Improved Shooting Performance — That's Our Goal & Our Promise

New or Beginning Shooters

When new shooting students come to us, regardless of their age or gender, they almost always express a desire for instruction in the basic skills of shotgunning.

They want to get the right start or break bad habits.

Some have never held a gun in their hands, others may have shot a .22 rifle or a handgun. A few may have fired a shotgun but lack the most fundamental skills.

Beginning Shooters

We build the basic shot-gunning skills around the shooter’s desire to learn and through a sequence of proven instructional training steps. This takes about two hours and consumes two or three boxes of shells.

We are aware of the nervousness sometimes connected to the first shooting lesson and can furnish a gun of the proper size to reduce or eliminate felt recoil.

As the lesson progresses shooting performance will improve and confidence will build.

We guarantee our work.



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