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Shotgun Sights

Posted on June 28, 2015 by admin Posted in Old Coach’s Corner

Many of today’s shotguns can be fitted with sights. There are many types and configurations but almost all are designed to enable the shooter to precisely aim the shotgun- much like a rifle.

However, there is one kind of “sight” that is commonly seen on most shotguns barrels.

Actually it’s not really a sight. It’s properly called a front ‘bead’  and it’s not used  for aiming, as shotguns so equipped are meant to be pointed at the target rather than precisely aimed.

However, if the shooter takes his eye focus off the target (usually rather small and fast-moving) and attempts to aim using the front bead, certain things are bound to happen. And for wing shooters and clay target shooters those things are not good.

Shifting eye focus from the moving target to the front bead will invariably cause the gun to slow down or momentarily stop, interrupting the gun’s smooth flow and your ‘lead’ on the target. It is a common error among beginning shooters and a frustrating cause of misses.

How can you prevent this?

Train yourself to “look through” the front bead and remain totally focused on the moving target.

Sometimes it helps if you blacken the bead with a Sharpie and make it less obvious.

If you are experiencing unexplained misses consider this shift in eye focus as a possible cause.